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Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier

Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier explores the interconnections among walking, bicycling, and real estate development. It showcases the growing synergies between real estate development and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure investments.

Across the globe, developers are seizing a competitive advantage by leveraging growing interest in biking and walking among residents and tenants. And municipalities are promoting health, equity, and sustainability by investing in active transportation infrastructure projects, such as trails and greenways – investments which can create real estate value and promote economic developments.

Is “Trail-Oriented Development” the next TOD?

About the Report

The report features:

  • A summary of economic development, quality of life and infrastructure investment trends in active transportation.
  • Ten case studies profiling development projects that include significant bicycling and walking amenities.
  • Five case studies showcasing recent investments in active transportation infrastructure that have catalyzed adjacent development.
  • A summary of the active transportation features and amenities included in the report development project profiles, such as dedicated bicycle storage areas, bicycle workrooms, bike valet services and project investments in public active transportation infrastructure.
  • A set of shared themes among profiled bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects detailing how active transportation investments can have positive economic impacts for cities and regions, while supporting public health and environmental goals and creating opportunities for the real estate industry to develop bicyclist- and pedestrian- friendly projects.

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