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Here’s how to fix South Florida’s mid-market housing crunch

What’s the best solution for the housing crunch that is pricing out middle-class workers and threatening South Florida’s economy?

There is no magic bullet — but experts say a series of smaller public policy fixes and private initiatives can help make the region more affordable. That’s important for business owners who are worried about attracting and retaining skilled employees in one of the country’s least affordable housing markets.

According to policy makers, developers and housing analysts, the most reliable arrows in the quiver to fight soaring home prices include: Building more homes around public-transit hubs. Encouraging mixed-income developments that include both market-rate and subsidized units. Introducing less restrictive zoning policies that allow for the construction of micro-units and… Read More from the Miami Herald Business Monday.

By: Nicholas Nehamas, Miami Herald Business Monday, February 13, 2017. 

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